Stereo Turntables | Types And Options

We will discuss equipment for music playback. Stereo turntable – it is a classic of analog sound. Stereo turntables – these are devices that convert mechanical vibrations, recorded by a needle cartridge into electric. Thus, the record on the disc is transformed back into sound waves as it passes across the speaker system. Stereo turntables were extremely common a few decades ago, then they were replaced by tape recorders, and then the laser disc players. Despite these innovations, stereo turntables had not disappeared altogether, as it was predicted by many experts.

Moreover, it is possible to buy a brand new turntable, made by modern manufacturers. Why did not it goes out of fashion? What is the reason for the remarkable longevity of this device? Turntables have not moved into the category of antiques, they continue to be produced, and some models are sold at a sufficiently high price. It's all about the sound, which may be offered only by a turntable. It is more solid, lively and bright. That is why the stereo turntables continue to exist along with the laser disc players and other advanced speakers. In addition, stereo turntables have a mandatory attribute of modern discos. Turntable: for amateurs and professionals. Technological progress offers many modern devices, including for music playback.

That is why in ordinary homes home stereo turntable has long given way to digital devices. And even if they wanted to continue using only the old player, it would be impossible: on the vinyl release their albums only some of the performers. However, some fans of the clean mellow sound still continue to use devices that reproduce the analog audio, and stereo turntables take with them a place of honor. Amateur turntables have a limited set of functions, in contrast to the professional. Professional stereo turntables necessarily have cast arm, high rates of stop and start the drive, the function of switching speed and change it during the game that allows you to get interesting effects. In addition, good models usually have a function of reverse playback. Old second hand player or new from a store?

It would seem that those who need stereo turntables can just buy the older models at a low price and enjoy the analog sound. In fact, it's not so simple. During the service player wears out, especially older models, made several decades ago. In addition, they may have the vibration due to poor arm. Owners of older models sooner or later face the need to fix the unit, but no parts, no wizard that will repair, it is almost impossible to find.

The new stereo turntables have improved performance; they are equipped with more advanced needle cartridge and can be connected to the new speakers. Hence the old turntables are best left as a decorative detail of the interior in retro style, and for active use to purchase new quality turntable. Nevertheless, today a lot of people who are enjoyed in music and a lot of professionals continue to use old turntables.

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